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If you do not find the answers to your questions below, please contact us here.

Where can I have a Hot Tub set up?

We need a fairly level surface, patios or decking, ( if strong enough to take the weight). If we set up on grass you’ll have to be very careful not to walk mud into the tub!

Can we fill the tub with hot water?

Yes. This is a great way to get the party started quicker! You can fill from a kitchen hot tap with the correct attachment, depending on how much hot water your system can provide. For example We can fill 1/2 the Hawaii or Barbados Tub with hot water from a good size tank in about 45 minutes. We would then advise that you let your hot tank refill before topping it up.

Do we need to do anything at the end of the rental period?

No. Please leave the Tub switched on, inflated and filled with water. We’ll do the rest.

What kind of access do you need?

Either a side gate or through your property, Inflatable tubs can be folded down to fit through most doorways. If in doubt, get in touch.

Do you provide Spa chemicals?

Yes we do. We’ll test your water, add the first dose of chemicals, then leave you with the required chemicals & instructions to cover your hire period.

Do we turn the Tub off when we’re finished?

NO! You’ll need to keep the tub filled up and switched on for the entire rental period. If you turn the tub off, the water temperature will drop, you just turn the bubbles on & off!

Do we need power nearby?

Yes, an indoor or outdoor power point is required to run the pump and keep your tub steaming hot! The Lay-Z-Spa has a 7m power lead with a circuit breaker built in.

Do I need a garden hose?

Yes, we do carry a hose to drain Tubs at the end of the rental period, but we can’t leave it behind, so you’ll need your own one, depending on how much of a splash you make, the Tub may need topping up during your hire period.

Are Tub Parties Ltd Insured?

Yes we carry Full Public Liability Insurance specifically tailored to Event Hire.

Are Hot Tubs Totally Awesome?

In a word – YES!!!