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Hot Tub & Gazebo Hire

Hertfordshire, Essex & London

Enjoy all the fun of a Hot Tub in your own home without the ongoing maintenance, cleaning & storage.

Hot Tubs need a fairly level surface, patios are perfect, decking is good as long as it can take the weight of a 1000 litres of water and the hot tub users!

We use Lay-Z-Spa inflatable Hot Tubs, which are very sturdy once inflated to full pressure and allow us access to almost any property as they fold down once deflated.

We’ll deliver and set up your Tub along with any accesories that you’ve ordered.

Filling up with hot water will get the Party started earlier! We can usually connect to a kitchen tap using one of our adapters. Filling time varies depending on your type of boiler/hot water tank.

You will need a garden hose in case you need to top the Tub up during your hire period.

We’ll add the initial dose of chemicals and leave you with any necessary extras along with instruction on how and when add them.

At the end of the hire period we’ll pump the water away into a drain or your garden, give the Tub a clean up, deflate and we’ll be on our way.

If you have any questions please reach out to us via our contact form before making a booking.


Choose from 5 different hot tubs and accessories

       We supply a variety of Hot Tubs which can accommodate 4 – 7 people.

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Phone 01279 927076 or simply use our form below.